Sunday, June 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Mike!

Tomorrow Mike will celebrate his 31st birthday! This morning as he was looking for allergy medicine he found a 3 and a 0 candle and said that he could use them tomorrow. I reminded him that they were from last year and he said "Wait, I'm going to be 31 tomorrow?!" Funny fella is loosing his mind with his aging! I love Mike because he is very unselfish and kind. He always puts everyone elses needs and wants before his own. Jackson said he loves dad because he shoots hoops and slum dunks with him. When I asked Ella why she loved daddy she said that he took away her pretty's, but he picked flowers with her and reads her books. Hope you have a Happy Birthday Mike!

Summer Time!

Friday we celebrated Summer time! We started out with a pizza picnic on the tramp. That was very fun and tasty! Ella is totally into strawberries. The day before we were out at my dad and moms and she had picked some green berries. (She ate them too!) So, when we were out on the tramp and Ella saw red ones she got quite excited. So after dinner and the berry picking we did some jumping. When it got a little darker we hauled out the sleeping bags. Our plan was to enjoy a night under the stars. We had so much fun just being together and giggling with each other. Ella is very imaginative; she told us that a bear had gone on the four wheeler to get her some fries and pop. (Ella is terrified of four wheelers, and loves fries and pop.) As we laid there on the tramp we watched a huge storm cloud roll in. We listened to the thunder for a while, then the lightning started striking. Mike soon gave us a shove inside and about 5 minutes after that it started down pouring. We had a blast while it lasted anyway!


Yesterday we were busy setting up Ella's big girl bed! I'm a sucker for things with sentimental value. Ella's "new" bed is one that started out being my mom's new bed when she was a little girl. Then it was mine, and I can still remember using one of the tops as a microphone! (It's a four posted bed.) Ella was super pumped and spent about half of the day hanging out in it. After a while she asked me where the remote was, she wanted to watch a show in her bed. Mike was quick to tell her there would be no TV in her room to which her response was a devastated look. When bed time rolled around we were wondering how many time she would get out of her bed. After putting Ella back to bed for a third time we were thrilled to peek in and find her fast asleep. This little lady is growing up fast! Big girl potty and now a big girl bed!

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Jackson woke up yesterday with what I thought was a cold, but Mike thinks it's hayfever. I am lucky and don't have to deal with allergies but poor Mike gets them awful! Now it looks like Jax might too!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I love you very much!

Tonight we were hanging out, being cool, and Ella spontaneously wrapped her little arms around Jackson's neck. She gave him a kiss and said "Love you very much"! I love them both very much.

Saturday consisted of a lot of WORK! Mike and I were very excited to see a couple of red strawberries!

And, it was finally warm enough for some swimsuit action! The kids thought it was a real treat to jump on the tramp with the water spraying underneath! Glad they are easily amused.

In tee ball news, Jackson had a game earlier today. He is doing great, and Ella loves cheering for her brother. Mike has been able to attend the last couple of games. Jackson loves to have people there supporting him!

And, here are some cute chats with Ella;

We were driving down the street and saw Pizza Hut. Ella got very excited and said "Look mom, Pizza But!"

Sunday I was getting ready for church. Ella came in and said "I not going to church mom, I serious." The next day as I was getting ready, she again came in and said she wasn't going to church. I reassured her there would be no church that day.

We were headed back from visiting Hamer and Ella knew it would be bed time when we arrived home. She was telling us that she did not want to go to bed. I told her we were stopping at grandma Uvon's house to take her a treat. She started saying I goin' to Uvon's house. Mike said he was happy they were on a first name basis.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

You might be a Red Neck if..

You move an over-sized shed on the back of your pickup. I should of gotten a shot at the head of the pickup to show just how far it hung over the sides. Savanah and Jon asked us if we wanted this shed that was in the back of their yard. Saturday Mike, Jon and Savanah loaded it up and slowly made their way down the road. Mike said they got lot's of interesting looks and even a "Nice", from an on-looker. Good thing we don't live too far away.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Jackson's first Tee Ball game; Go Big Dawgs!

Jackson was rained out Monday, so today was his first tee ball game. He was super excited and did a great job! It was pretty fantastic to watch and we sure got a good giggle. Still wondering who ended up winning...

Tooth #4, GONE!

Jackson is 6 years old, and has lost 4 teeth! He was very excited and Ella was very worried. Now we are just waiting for the tooth fairy.

Garden time!

We've been hard at work; okay, Mike and I have been. Ella has been busy picking "flowers" a.k.a. dandelions.

Last weekend we finally got our garden planted and completed a few projects around the yard. This year we added a couple of new things to the garden, rhubarb and onions. I went out yesterday for a peek and the onions have already sprouted! We skipped out on zuccini. We learned our lesson last year. I was most excited to plant the pumpkins! Loved them last fall!
Savanah and Jon recently bought a house and are re-doing their landscaping. They were getting rid of some big rocks, so we took them and did some fun projects. I think it turned out great!

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Monday, June 7, 2010

Big girl potty!

Jackson's baseball team was scheduled for a game this afternoon, but due to the rain it was cancelled. While I was out running errands I was multi-tasking, also making visiting teaching appointments. One of the gals I talked to said she was potty training. A couple of months ago Ella gave the potty a go but was not interested. Today she has done fantastic, and bribery is my new tool. Ella loves pretties, (lip gloss) and so I told her that if she went big girl potty she could have one. The first two tries she didn't fall for it, but the next time she totally emptied her blatter. Since 11 she has went pee pee in the potty 4 times, with no accidents. Woot Woot! Ella has been chuggin' down juice and has become quite the superstar. Good job little lady!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Laken's Day

In May Savanha and I threw Laken a bridal shower. We had a charming garden party at my grandma's house. Here are some pics. that Savanah shot.

Partied Out!

We have been wicked busy! First we were busy with preparations for Laken's wedding and bridal shower, then it was time for her bridal shower and wedding! Yesterday it was Savanah's turn for her shower! I asked Ella if she wanted to go to Nana's party and she said "Mom, I partied out."
Savanah is usaully the picture gal, but it was my turn yesterday. The bride-groom:


Beautiul flowers and one tasty shoe cake!


Catching up with old and new friends:


Savage sista's!

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After yesterday even I am partied out!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A little somethin' somethin' about charity:

When we lived in Utah my visiting teacher shared with me a lesson about Charity. I thought it was so fantastic I hung it on my fridge. It is still there today and has even collected some food splatters too. I walked by it today and it caught my attention once more:

"Perhaps the greatest charity comes when we are kind to each other, when we don't judge or categorize someone else, when we simply give each other the benefit of the doubt or remain quiet. Charity is accepting someone's differences, weaknesses, and short comings; having patience with someone who has let us down, or resisting the impulse to become offended... Charity is refusing to take advantage of another's weakness and being willing to forgive someone who has hurt us. Charity is expecting the best of each other."

I realized that this is what I hope for in my daily dealings and especially for Jackson. I hope that I can be better at remembering some of these principles and expect only the best from myself.